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Tips for Smash & Grab

• Lock all your doors and close the windows when driving.
• Never open vehicle windows or doors for strangers.
• Avoid opening your windows or getting involved in discussions
with street vendors or anyone handing out flyers.
• Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious looking characters.
• Always be conscious of your surroundings and remain alerted
when coming to an intersection or stopping your vehicle.
• Be wary of people standing at intersections – They may be
innocent but perpetrators mix with these people while waiting
for an opportunity to pounce.
• If you encounter obstacles such as rocks or tyres do not get
out of your vehicle to remove them – immediately reverse and
drive off in the opposite direction.
• If its late at night, slow down well in advance so that the light
changes green by the time you reach the intersection.
• Leave a gap between you and car in front of you to give you
room to escape (i.e drive away from the scene) if anything
should happen.
• Be especially wary whenever you see broken glass lying on the
road. If the pieces of glass are still scattered across the road,
chances are that a smash and grab occurred there recently.
• Reduce the chances of being a target by removing that which
the criminals are trying to get their hands on.
• Smash and grab car burglars aren’t exactly criminal
masterminds, many simply act on impulse.
• Do not have bags, cellular phones, briefcases or other
valuables visible inside the vehicle – valuables only attract
thieves who may break your car window.
• Hide your valuables – Car floors, dashboards and seats are not
good places to leave items.
• If you cannot take valuable items with you, hide them out of
sight in your trunk.